Monday, July 20, 2015

Girls Weekend 2015

I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. In fact as I look back over my life I can see how different decisions that I have made which has brought me to where I am today. I am also a firm believer that God opens and closes doors as He sees fit in my life to bring me good and not evil. This is something I have had to claim a lot over the past several months as we have had some personal struggles that we have had to deal with. Reflecting on my life this particular weekend it actually began about 2 years ago when God in His Amazing love for me had my paths cross with 8 incredible, God loving, encouraging, fun, talented, moms. We all met in different ways some on instagram, a couple from the barn sale, some from an introduction from church or mutual friends but we all fit together to make one amazing tribe! Back in the Spring we all thought what fun it would be to all get together for a girls' weekend. After about 3 months of planning and counting down like it was Christmas morning the day arrived. 5 of us were from my neck of the woods and let's just say that we filled every inch of the mini van and we hadn't even hit the big city for all the shopping fun! Oh dear!

All of us from our different locations descended upon Jilly's beautiful (it's like walking through a Pinterest) home. The house as well as Jilly made you feel right at home the moment you walked in. So relaxing! And cook...her and Gale cooked the most De-lish food! Yum!

 It didn't take long for the visiting and laughter to begin. So. Much. Laughter!!
 Most people have a dog or cat that lives with them but not Jilly she has a pet rabbit that she has taught to use a litter box. So cool!
 Between all of the visiting and eating we also did a little bit of crafting.
 Besides laughing, talking, eating, crafting we of course shopped!

Some of us even maybe modeled a little, isn't that right Jaryn? It rained and with all of the big hair and no umbrellas the ladies improvised rain hats with some Old Navy bags. Brilliant!

 We hit just about every antique store and Thrift shop that KC had to offer.

 To save time there may or may not have been some trying on of clothes in the aisles. Some outfits were a hit.....

 and some might have been a miss!!! Ha!

Everyone came home with some great treasures and so many great memories.  

 On the way home Sunday we hit the IKEA. Not all of us went because for a couple of us it was the opposite direction from home.
 Lets just say we thought the mini van was packed on the way to KC but it was NOTHING compared to how it was packed on the way home without an inch to spare!

2 years ago we were strangers and now through God's amazing love for me He has given me friends who have become my sisters. I am SO blessed and grateful for each one of them. Their love, laughter, encouragement and joy that each one of them bring to my life daily is a gift far more then I could have ever imagined.  It is one more gift that God has given me in my life at the exact moment I needed it. I told you everything happens for a reason and how blessed I am because of it!

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