Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Kyler's 5th

We celebrated Ky's birthday on Friday night. We went to a little water park that we LOVE for a several of reasons. #1. It is small and not crowded. #2. There is stuff for the big kids to do as well as the little ones.

                                         It was a perfect night!

Another reason why we love this water park is because they let you bring outside food in so we picked up some Pizza Hut pizzas to feed the crew.
And what a crew it was!

Ky was blessed with so many great gifts. She has such amazing friends.
We bought her, her first big girl bike and she was so excited when she saw it!

Of course before the party was over the girls had to snack on some of the candy that was in their goody bags. It was a great night! Ky was truly blessed and we are so grateful for all the friends that attended.

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