Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Harvest 2015

Around here the combines are running fast and furious including us. It takes a team to make harvest run successfully. So thankful we have a great team! Taryn ran the grain cart which dumped grain into the semi, then the milkman's dad took the semi to the co-op.

 My part of harvest is bringing out the supper meal. It is I think how "meals on wheels" originated. Ha! It is always a little bit of a challenge coming up with hot portable food.

 I love this picture below because it is Kenton in the combine and the milkman going to take over so he can eat his supper. I love it because I am so amazed of how our 15 year old is running the combine like a man. It is crazy! We are almost done with wheat harvest just 1 more field and then on to planting milo.

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Jeannine Hoheisel said...

Yeah for the hardworking harvest crew! All of you make it happen! Got to love the farm life!