Monday, June 8, 2015

A Day With The Milkman

The other day I went with the milkman to the sale barn. The sale barn is close to an Amish community so we always see the horses and buggies. I'm aways fascinated by the Amish how they still go about their day like they are back in the 1800's while the world swirls around them. It is amazing to me.  
 I like going with the milkman because sometimes I drop him off and I can go and explore the town. 

I came across this little market last time I went with him. It is SO cool! It was like walking into the past a little. It had that general store kind of feel.

They even carried reproductions of toys I use to play with as a kid. How many of you remember Fashion Plates? Seriously I remember getting a set for my birthday and I would sit and play with them forever. Which sitting for me as a kid and doing anything for any length of time was a big deal. Because I didn't sit still very long ever! It was a fun day. Anytime I can hang out with the milkman it a great day!


Anonymous said...

What town is that? I'd like to go on a weekend trip. Love your blog!

Kerry said...

It is in Hutchinson Kansas