Thursday, June 18, 2015

5 years ago tomorrow!

5 years ago tomorrow we had Kyler at home with our amazing midwife Kelsey. The birth went great but about an hour after she was born she crashed, Kelsey scooped her up, Dan drove the car so fast to get her to the hospital all the while Kelsey did CPR on her to keep her alive. Upon arriving they had to intubate her. We found out that she had aspirated meconium so she was unable to breathe. After taking her to our local hospital they stabilized her enough to be able to transport her by ambulance to the NICU in Wichita. There she stayed intubated for 6 days and in the hospital for a total of 13 days.

We were so grateful and blessed that God allowed her to stay with us. She not only stayed with us but He allowed her not to have any long term affects. She is one bright, loving and full of life kind of girl. Tomorrow she will be 5! Everyone that walked through this journey with us saw the hand of God at work. Our family was so blessed with our amazing family, friends and community that walked with us during that time, 5 years ago! We can't believe how fast that went. We are so grateful that we are able everyday to see that God is still a God of miracles!!