Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Jr./Sr. Banquet

Last Saturday night Natalia had her last Jr/Sr Banquet at school. After 13 years of attending Berean this was her final big activity besides graduation of course. The Jr class decided the theme should be "A County Fair" so they dressed more casual. Some of the kids came to the house so that we could take pictures first.
She even ran out to the barn to see her daddy before she left for the evening. No matter how old she gets she will always be daddy's little girl!

This class of Senior have been together for most of their high school years. And 11 of them including Natalia have been together since Kindergarten. I think that is so amazing!
One of the teachers at Berean Sara Meisinger, must have been given an extra shot of creativity by God when she was born because she along with her crew can turn a ugly old gym into a magicial Country Fair! 

                              It was amazing to say the VERY least!
They thought of everything from a Ferris wheel to a Carousel. They had carnival games that the kids played to win prizes along the walls. Games like balloon darts, skeet ball, softball throw to knock cans over and a few others. Seriously, the details that were thought of were off the charts amazing!

They even had Amy from from Wichita take pictures. She does an awesome job!! It was a great time had by all and I'm so thankful that everything went perfect for all of the kids especially Natalia! I can't believe in a few short days she will graduate! Where has the time gone? But at least she will always have this night as a great memory.

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