Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Graduation Prep

Last Saturday my friend Kris, her daughter Jana and I worked together to get some of the graduation food ready. Kris' daughter Jen is also graduating on Saturday and our girls will have their party together after the ceremony. Kris has 7 kiddos and this will be her 5th graduation to go through. I am going to follow her lead since she has done this a time or two. We are having smoked pulled pork sliders and let me tell you she makes the most amazing bread so she whipped up all of the buns.

The girls wanted mini chocolate mocha cupcakes so Jana helped me whip those up!

She was amazing help and the 3 of us were able to quickly complete all of the baking in about 3 hours. Next up will be getting everything decorated and of course keeping the tears under control. Ha! Baking might be the easy part in this scenario! So grateful for their friendship and the team work it took to get the job done!

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