Thursday, May 21, 2015

Graduation Party 2015

After Natalia and one of her classmates Jennifer graduated, it was time to party!The hayloft was decorated, the food was made and it was time to celebrate!

Oh how our friends and family showed up!!! At one point we had to pull more chairs out and line them around the hayloft! We were so blessed! 

I was so thankful that my folks were here from the promise land. It meant the world to not only Natalia but us. Love them!
I have always said I have the most amazing friends!  My friends Denae and Dana along with their families worked so hard for us making sure all of the food was out and ready when people arrived. They do such a great job and we are SOOO thankful. It was the best feeling to know we didn't have to stress about getting home immediately after the ceremony because they had everything under control. Thank you so much Jarrod, Denae, Emma, Kate, Dana and Allison for all your hard work we are SO grateful!

So that it she is all grown up and graduated! I still can't believe it. We are so blessed that God gave us a sweet baby girl 18 years ago. We are so proud of you and the women you are becoming. As you turn this next chapter in your life our prayer would be that you continue to look to Jesus in everything you do and follow His lead for your days ahead. We love you so much!

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