Tuesday, May 19, 2015

5-8 grade Concert

Tiana had her last Jr. high concert Thursday. Next up high school! Which is so insane! She has loved playing flute under Mrs. Lister who is one of the best band teachers in all the world! She also loved how she was able to sit by one of her best friends at the concert. Tiana has been blessed with amazing friends!

They played some fun pieces including a song called "cool cats" which you can't play without some fun sunglasses of course. 

 The concert finished up with the choir singing a few numbers, which was nicely done. It was a great evening full of music and memories. Thank you Mrs. Lister and Mr. Deck for all the hard work you put into these kiddos. I'm so thankful that you have shared your talents of teaching music with the next generation. We will miss you both next year!

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