Friday, April 17, 2015

Vintage Friday Barn Sale Style

                                                             It's Vintage Friday
I am doing things a little different this time. I left my booth up from the barn sale so if you weren't able to attend no worries you can still pick yourself up some vintage treasures. All you have to do is tell me which items in the picture you want. Name your price plus shipping and I will get them to you! How fun is that! Happy Shopping!













Emily Casper said...

Picture #8. Pyrex double dish with teal on the side.

Heather Thornburg said...

How much do you usually sell your milk glass dishes for?

Kerry said...

Emily, Great how about $5 + shipping? I just need your email address so that I can send you a Paypal request.

Heather $4 each how many do you want?

Emily Casper said...

Sounds good!

Heather Thornburg said...

I'll take 2!:)

Johnna Sawyer said...

Kerry, How much for the Pyrex on the last picture with the green flowers on the front? Is it even still available?

Kerry said...

It is $4 Johnna do you want it?

Kimberly Robinson said...

hi kerry-got your request but I'm just getting around to looking at these to make sure i didn't want anything else. in picture 4, does the white bowl have pink on it?

Kimberly Robinson said...

also price on pink afghan in number 5 please.

Kerry said...

KImberly, Yes the bowl has pink on it but it is faded and the blanket is $10 do you want them?

Johnna Sawyer said...

I will take it, just let me know what I need to do! Thanks!!

Kerry said...

Johnna, I just need your e-mail address and zip code