Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Kenton at Prom 2015

Kenton was asked by my friend Dana's daughter Alison to prom last Saturday night. It was so fun to see him all dressed up and of course he had to take a couple of pictures with the ladies!

We took a ton of pictures in the park with her classmates and I was so proud of how he was a gentlemen and didn't complain once about all of the shots.

    Alison's dress was gorgeous I loved the color and the lace and buttons were prefection.

The sky became darker and darker as we were in the park taking pictures and finally everyone was told to please get to the school gym for the promenade.
It was perfect timing all of the couples and crowd made it into the gym and then the heaven's opened up.
It rained and rained! I was so proud of Kenton, the milkman said "I don't think he realized that he not only had to take so many pictures but that he had to walk in front of everyone". He handled it like a pro. He had a blast! Thank you Alison for inviting him to your prom I'm so glad you both had a great night!

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Sheila said...

What an adorable pair!