Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Field Trip to the Zoo

Last Friday I went with Ky on her preschool field trip to the zoo. She was so excited to ride on the big yellow bus with all of her friends.
I think this is the day that EVERY school in the area decided to have their field to the zoo as well. It was packed!! So many kids!

                                      What a fun group of kiddos!

It was so fun to see all of the colors and designs of the different animals. I love how God made each one so different.

                      The animals were very active the day we were there. We enjoyed watching them.

              The kids loved watching the Tiger walk back and forth right in front of them. You should have heard them squealing!

 There was A LOT of walking and sometimes the kiddos would take turn sitting in one of the mom's strollers.

 It was a great day! I will admit the bus ride on the way back to school was a little more quiet. I think not only the kiddos were worn out but so was the parents!!

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