Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Barn Sale Spring 2015

The morning of the barn sale there is always the flurry of little details that have to be done. Tables to set up for lunch and this time my nephew Cory, his good friend Jerry, my brother in law David and the milkman's dad brought old tractors that they had refurbished to set around. They added just a little extra touch to the sale I thought! Thank you guys for doing this I was so grateful!
 Like I said yesterday it takes an amazing team to pull off the barn sale and every year my team doesn't disappoint! Besides working of course we get to catch up with each other and make great memories. Taryn, Madeleine, Ray, Cristy, Gale, Jaryn, Katie,
                                                             Sarah and Lauryn

                                  Robin, Lorene, Marlene (who I didn't get a picture of so sorry),

                                                                        Sam, Desi, Tiana and Emma,

Jarrod, Scotty, Kenton and Nathan (I didn't get their picture either so sorry!)

 There were so many amazing treasures to be found and again I'm so grateful for all of our amazing vendors!

 After the sale was over it was time for a little bit of fun as we cleaned up! We were all laughing so hard. Don't you just LOVE laughing so hard until your tummy hurts? That is my favorite and there was no shortage of that!

Thank you again EVERYONE who had a hand in making the Spring Barn sale 2015 one to write down in the record books! Now you have 6 months to recoup then on to the Fall sale October 10th!


Trials and Tribulations of a Wannabe Farmer said...

I know this is a late question but who did the cow necklace's? I may need a few!!!

Kerry said...

A dear friend makes them for me on the east coast.