Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Barn Sale Prep Spring 2015

I'm sorry I didn't blog yesterday but I was a little barn sale hung over! Although we prep for the barn sale starting weeks in advance the big push is always the day before. Some things like pasta salad and cheese curds can't be made earlier or they wouldn't be good. Thank goodness we are SO blessed with amazing friends that always step up and help or it coudn't get done. In fact sweet Katie and her daughter Desi left their home in Missouri to come and help for the weekend. Thank you so much sweet sister!

 There is a ton of work to be done the last 24 hours before the sale,  but as we all know many hands make light work. When there is A LOT of laughter also that makes it all the more fun!! And no one can make us laugh harder then Denae! She is so funny!
 Every barn sale we have been blessed with some amazing vendors and this sale wasn't any different. Crafty women always blow my mind!! So much talent! One of my favorite parts of the barn sale is shopping after all the booths have been set up before the crowd comes. It is kind of like having a big boutique in your hayloft that is just for you. Ha!!

 See, I told you there was some awesome stuff!! There has been so much stuff swirling around our family lately and I could tell that my prayer warriors were working over time because I have never felt more at peace during a set up or barn sale for that matter. It was the most calm I have felt in a long time. I knew God had everything under control and honestly it was nice to just rest in Him! Tomorrow I will show you the big day! So much fun!!

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Sarah said...

Looks awesome! So nice having so many wonderful friends to help prepare. I will make it one, day, I promise!!