Thursday, April 30, 2015

A KC Get Away

Last weekend the milkman and I were able to run away to Kansas City for a few days for our anniversary. To say it was a much needed trip was an understatement!! We packed in all kinds of fun things besides just relaxing. We tried some new restaurants,

                  Had dinner with some good friends,

       Went to the Farmer's Market,

We had to go to Ikea of course and that was an experience in itself!

We ate lunch there and we thought it was so cool how someone invented a caddy just for your lunch trays what a great idea. The family in front of us used one so of course I had to take a picture.
The meatballs were good!
Besides all of the amazing things to see I thought that the daycare for the kiddos was an awesome idea. I think more business should have this feature in their stores. You drop your kids off and then you shop for as long as you like then pick them up as you are walking out the door! So cool! I think that they should take it to another step and maybe have a place were husbands can go and sit in recliners and have all kinds of sporting events on big screen TV's. Ha!

We of course had to have some KC B-B-Q and when we would ask anyone for recommendations everyone would always say "Jack Stack". Let me just say it didn't disappoint! So good!

What a great time! We were so thankful to get away and reconnect with each other and enjoy some relaxing time. We are so thankful to everyone that worked so hard here back home on the farm to make this possible. Thank you! 

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littlehouseontheplains said...

so glad you guys got to get away!! never been to KC, but it looks like there's plenty to do there!