Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A Free Groove Book

A friend of mine and I were talking this weekend and she was saying how she hates when she runs out of storage on her smart phone with all of the pictures she takes. She asked me what I do about it?  I told her I have GrooveBooks! GrooveBooks is super simple.  All you have to do is go to the App store and download the Groovebook App. Then once a month you download 100 of your pictures, then GrooveBook will send you in the mail 10 days or so later a book with all the pictures you had downloaded. As you can see I have been doing this for awhile these are just a few of the books I have.

I love how each page/picture is not only perforated but every page has the time and date that the picture was taken so you never have to guess as to when you took the picture. Love that! And I also LOVE the price, for 100 pictures to be printed into a book and mailed to my door it is only $2.99!!!! Yay!

If fact for my friends GrooveBook is letting me give all of you a FREE one! Just use the code below and the first one is on them. After you get your first book you will be able to delete pictures from your storage on your phone so you will have more space to take great pictures! Don't you just love free? Happy Snapping!