Friday, April 11, 2014

Vintage Friday Barn Sale Style

Good Morning and Happy Friday! I'm going to do something a little different for Vintage Friday this week. I still have my booth up in the hayloft from the Barn Sale so I thought I would let you shop from that today. Here is how it is going to work. Each picture has a number beside it so you need to tell me what number the picture is with a description of the item(s) that you want, let me know what you think would be a fair price and if you are the first to comment with e-mail and zip code for shipping purposes it is yours.  Happy Shopping if you have any questions let me know by leaving me a comment on the blog or e-mailing me at  Happy Shopping!


#3. Green Pyrex bowl is sold.

#4. Tin box with arrows sold.

#5. Top right and bottom left aprons are sold.



#8. The lights are metal Olive Baskets and they are brand new there are a total of 4 of them they were $70 each but I dropped the price to $50 each.  







#15.Have a great weekend see you back here on Monday!!


Sheila said...

#4 recipe box with arrows- $2. Pic 5. Bottom left and top right aprons. $8 for both??

Rachel said...

#4-the green recipe box. Is it metal? $4
#9-Is the cupcake stand for sale?! I'd take it in a heartbeat! $10?