Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Some Extra Help

 Since, the milkman has had his surgery he is "suppose" to take it easy. The key word is "easy"which is easier said than done. In the afternoon he likes to help get the cows in to milk because then he can look over the herd and see if they are looking fine. The other day he had a little extra help. It was so cute to see her holding her daddy's hand. The funniest thing was that she thought she was brave until a cow started heading her way then she would get a little nervous and say "Daddy, Daddy"! And he in his calm voice would say it's ok I've got you. So Precious!

 Then Ky thought that she needed to help milk so the milkman put a bucket besides the milkers so that she could milk the cows.

                    We can always use a little extra help on the farm especially from a 3 year old!

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Kristy Poole said...

I love this! To precious!