Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Scary Trek

With the weather being so bad lately we hadn't been able to get to the town about an hour away from the farm to get milk jug. As of Monday, we were completely out on the farm. The weatherman said the next snow storm wasn't suppose to  hit hard until around 10am. So, after the milkman finished the morning chores he and I left to try and get there and back before it got to bad. 
We arrived there without any problems but on the way home it was crazy how the weather started to fall apart so quickly. These are some of the pics I took. It was a little unnerving to say the least especially when you see this semi in the ditch.

This is what we saw outside our window about half way home. The visibility was really bad and the wind was blowing so hard that it started to make drifts across the highway.

Finally, after what seemed like forever we turned into our drive and saw the most prettiest sight. The barn!
We were so thankful to be home safe and sound with milk jugs in hand. Now our customers won't have to go without milk on their cereal!!!

We were so thankful for God's hand of protection on us. And grateful to be home sweet home!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

44 part #2

When we arrived home from our over night get away the kids had cleaned the house it was so beautiful. I don't know what is about when my house is clean it makes me sooooo happy!! 
It was nice just to hang out with the kiddos and relax. The next day we went to church and the milkman and the kiddos bought me a birthday cake a day early, because they were predicting snow. And snow it did! I will post those pics tomorrow. It was crazy!

Some of you might have seen my instagram I posted on Monday (my actually birthday I LOVED how everyone let me celebrate all weekend) it was a pic of the tray of food that Kenton and Tiana made me for a yummy breakfast in bed. I felt like a queen. It was amazing birthday. I am so blessed for the awesome family God has given me. My heart was so happy and I'm ready to become another year older.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

44, Part #1

My Birthday was yesterday but the milkman kind of surprised me and took me to the "city" for an over night stay last Friday night. Our friend Kim found an amazing deal and told the milkman about it through Homewood Suites.  The Suite was AWESOME!! I about died when I saw our suite number. If you know me at all, you know that my favorite number is 25 and my birthday is 2/25 so I thought it was perfect that this was our suite number!
The milkman took us to a yummy restaurant

complete with the most delicious desserts. Chocolate Brownie ice cream cake and one of my all time favorites…..
Bread Pudding! I will tell you that we DID NOT eat them all in one setting :)

It had snowed so much and it was 4 degrees when we woke up in the next morning. Burrr! It was so nice to get away. The milkman hadn't had a day off since Christmas and he was starting to get a little worn out. It was also so nice to visit and not be interrupted 10 times while we were trying to finish a sentence! Thank you kiddos, Kim, Scottie and Kaylei for picking up the slack around the farm so that we could  get away for the night!

Friday, February 22, 2013


They said we were going to have snow and alot of it. I have heard this before and I have to admit I didn't think it would be as bad as they said. But, it was! We ended up getting about 11" of snow when it was all said and done. I started taking pics when I saw the first flakes flying.

 It would stop snowing for a little while. The kids would play,
 the milkman would move snow around,
 Kenton shoveled our walkway.

 And then it would come again!!
 This morning, I have to admit that it is so beautiful and we are so thankful for the moisture we need it so badly. Have a great weekend whatever you are doing and I will see you back here on Monday!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Last game

We have had alot of fun this year watching Taryn (#41) play basketball. She came a long way this season we are so proud of her. If you know the milkman at all personally, you know how competitive he is. Sometimes I would have to remind him that he didn't have to tell her what to do from the bleachers that she did have a coach who was doing a great job of letting her know what should be done. Pitiful!!

 I love the next couple of pics below. It shows how aggressive she is about getting the ball. Go Girl!
I also LOVE how her teammates cheer each other on and they truly work as an amazing team. This team is young and if they continue to grow and work together, their senior year is going to be amazing!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

So Tired

One of the draw backs you have as a farmer is the hours. There are no real set hours on a dairy farm except for the milking and feeding times those you always keep the same. But, everything else that you need to do falls in around those times. Let me just say that we DO NOT have banker hours around here. Some days especially during planting and harvest times the milkman has and does have 20 hour days. And sometimes he doesn't get a day off, for example it has been 6 weeks since he has had a day off to be able to sleep in. This is how I found him after lunch the other day. I cleaned up the kitchen, got the baby ready for a nap and came back and found him like this.
 I told him go lay down for a power nap but he said he couldn't he had to get caught up on some projects around the farm. I am SO grateful for his work ethic but sometimes I get so worried that he is working way to hard. When I voice my opinion he just tells me he loves what he does even if he is so tired he can't think straight. I think the boy has black and white in his veins! So, the next time you drink a yummy nice cold glass of milk, take a bite of that delicious cheese or lick your favorite flavor of ice cream think about this picture and all the hard work it takes to get that yumminess to you and your tummy!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Folks

My folks came up this weekend and were able to stay for a few days. It was so nice! They came at a great time because they were able to attend some of the kiddos school functions.

 It was so nice also not to have to have any big events where we had to run to and not be able to just relax. Natalia made them her wonderful chocolate chip cookies, they were able to see Taryn in her winter formal dress and cheered her on for 2 basketball games, Kenton (somehow I didn't get a pic with him I'm so bummed) showed them some of his projects he was working on around the farm, Tiana was able to show some of her crafts she was in the process of making and Kyler she was so happy reading and doing Grams' hair. It was so nice having them here.

 This is one of my favorite pictures (below) of them. I will always have this memory of this and hear daddy's voice in my head. You see mom was diagnosed a year ago with Parkinsons and she already is starting to have a hard time doing things. One of them is putting her coat on. She was getting frustrated because she could't get her jacket on by herself and after voicing this to Dad I heard him say "Well, babe that is why I'm here we will work together as a team, it will be fine".  They didn't know I could hear them but I did and I about had a tear. What an amazing example even if I am all grown up!!

 Thanks Mom and Dad for coming up and spending time with us. We love you so much and I am so grateful and blessed to call you my folks!!