Friday, May 31, 2013

Remnants of Home

What is it about home that makes you feel like you can just breathe? This week while helping mom recover from her surgery I made a point to just walk around and take in and reflect back on all the fun, crazy, sad, laughable and meaningful memories that have been created within these walls. I wanted to share what my world looked like growing up. The first thing is the laundry room, it is always so funny to see people's faces when they see Mom and Dad's laundry room. Having 11 kids in the family this room was used EVERY day! When I was in Jr. high, Dad turned the carport into our own personal laundry mat complete with 3 washers and 3 dryers and they stayed busy always!!

This is also where mom grew her African Violets. She has always had them and they ALWAYS looked beautiful. I don't know how because they are so hard to grow but mom has never had a problem.

Mom's kitchen is always cozy and Mom has it decorated with all things vintage. I tell her she was vintage before vintage was cool! One of my favorite features in my folks' kitchen is the swing. What a swing? you say, It's a great idea because there was always a little one that would stay happy while we were working in the kitchen. Genius!!!

My favorite bedroom in the house use to be the boys' room when the house was first built. Then as we started moving out and Alicia was the youngest girl left at home and loves vintage as well, mom turned the room into a walk down memory lane complete with some of her dolls when she was a little girl. And the little blue baby crib my Me-maw made it for me for my first Christmas out of an orange crate and a wire hanger. It is one of my favorite things in the world!

 Of course a home is not really made up with things, I mean sure we all have them but what makes a house a home is the people, family, friends and the memories that are created with these connections. Everyday, everything changes we get rid of things, people come in and out of our lives and the hours turn into days, weeks, months, years and then into memories that are told to other family members or friends and that is what becomes who you are and where you have came from.

 I'm so grateful that I was able to make more memories with one of my brothers, nephew and niece


AuntAnd a dear, dear family friends.

 And even though we don't always get along perfectly every hour of everyday we love each other more than anything. I am SO blessed to be able to know that no matter where I am in this world or what happens in my life I have a place that I can call home even if it is only in the memories in my mind. I hope this weekend you take a minute to hug, call, reflect and or remember the home you came from and be thankful for the person and legacy you have been given. Have a great weekend see you on Monday!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Little Hanger Craft

First off before I tell you about the craft today I wanted to thank all of you for your thoughts and prayers regarding my mom I am so grateful! She is doing so much better and I'm so thankful for the time I can spend with her helping her recover. 
Now on with the craft I am not a crafty person if it doesn't involve a hot glue gun then I am probably not doing it. But, when I was growing up my Dad was a director of a big retirement home called "The Go Ye Village" and I loved to go and hang out with the older folks. I loved to hear their stories about "the good days" and sometimes they would show me something they made. And sometimes they would show me how to make one of their crafts and were always so patience at explaining it to me. In all those years this craft is the only one that I remember, and I love it because it is so easy and it is something that you can make and give as a gift. My Tiana LOVES to do crafts and has be begging me to help her make something so I decided on this. You will need 2 wire hangers and 2 different colors of yarn. I found all of this at a garage sale and I think I paid .75 cents for all of it and it will make about 4 hangers covered when it is all said and done. Here is what you do……..
You first tape 2 wire hangers together. and tape the 2 ends of the yarn to the hook of the hanger, then all it is, is half knots and each time you change colors and after awhile you will see a pattern.

 So easy and you can did it just about anywhere you go. I finished up this hanger while we were going somewhere the other day in the car (I wasn't driving just to be clear HA HA) When you get it finished all you do is tie a bow to finish it off and then cut the yarn. So fun, So easy!! Let me know if you try it, I would love to see what colors you use.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Ky's New Love

 We had the sweetest new baby calf born the other day (ok who am I kidding they are all so sweet) but Ky LOVED this one and spent forever just sitting beside her, petting her, and talking to her. I would say "Ky lets go" and she would say "just a minute." So sweet! She made me slow down and look at the sweet beauties right in front of me! I hope you take a moment this weekend to see some beauty and enjoy your world that God has given. Before I go I just wanted to tell you that I might be a little sporadic with posts next week. My mom had major surgery and I'm going to take care of her so if I don't post everyday that is where I will be. Have a great day and I will talk to you soon!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Surprise Guest

This is our front door to our house. Do you notice anything about it? Now look at the picture below do you see anything now? We hardly ever use the front door. We and our friends that know us really well use the door coming in from the garage. So I was so surprised the other day when I opened the door to welcome someone in and found this nest up on top of the wreath. 
 We lifted the wreath down carefully and found these 2 beauties. We put the wreath back and I waited a few hours and snuck around the house via the garage door to try and take a picture of the mama bird. Every time no matter how quiet I tried to be, I could never get a picture of her sitting on her nest she would always fly away. We are trying not to use the front door very often until they are hatched. There is nothing like a little bit of nature right on your own front porch!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Little Garden Time

The weather has been crazy this spring I don't know about you but it has been cold and then it goes straight to hot. There was finally a day in there where it was perfect conditions to help Grandma plant the garden. Tiana had her friend Grace over and she was able to get in on the action.

Grandma was there but she didn't want her picture taken because she said she was a mess because she had been working all day. I think she always looks so cute. I'm so grateful the kids have her for a Grandma, she is amazing!

The lettuce and onions are growing well, we are so thankful!

Grandma has always had an awesome garden and I'm so glad that my kids can learn her skills. She has a wonderful green thumb which is something that was left out when God was putting my DNA together that is for sure. Ha! Do you have a garden? If so what is your favorite thing to grow? Have a great day!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Stormy Weather

As some of you might know I was raised in the promise land of Oklahoma. My heart is so sad today for the families of Moore. It is crazy how quickly life can turn on a dime! I'm so grateful that even though life can turn on a dime without notice I have a God that I can find rest, peace, and comfort in. The weather was bad here on Sunday during the graduation party. It never hit where we were but it did hit the farm and knocked the power out. We had to leave early to get home to get the generator going because Kim and Scotty were in the middle of milking. Here are some of the pictures we snapped of the storm they were a little bit scary!

When it was all said and done an inch of rain fell which will be perfect for the crops and we didn't have any damage we were grateful! I had a few of you contact me to check on my family in Oklahoma thank you that was so thoughtful. Everyone is good. Remembering those families today in Oklahoma I will be hugging mine a little bit harder.