Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Mrs. Ammeter

I know God put certain people in our lives when we need it the most. When we had the first 4 kiddos in 4 years and 3 months apart, there were days when they were all little that I was up to my elbows in diapers, messes, dishes and always laundry. The last 2 things I still have but now I have help and that is so awesome! Somedays, I just had to get out of the house so I would throw the 4 kiddos on the 4-wheeler and we would drive to our neighbor's Mrs. Ammeter. She, being a Mother and now a Grandmother could ALWAYS relate and "feel" for me with these trials that they call motherhood. She always had a fresh cookie for the kids and no matter how little they were she had something they could "help" her with. I loved to sit on her couch and hear stories about "the good ole days" and how they made it through when things were so much harder back then. I always felt refreshed and maybe a degree more thankful for what I had been given when we went back home! Around Thanksgiving she had to be placed in an assisted living facility. The kids have been begging to go and see her but it seemed we could never get there with all the activities we have always going on either with the farm or at school. Kenton had been begging the most and finally last Saturday we made it happen. We were really surprised how much she had changed since we saw her last and a few of us became teary eyed rather quickly.

 She still had that sweet smile for us but we could all tell that she wasn't the same. She told us a couple of times while we were there that she prays everyday that God would just take her home. As we said our goodbyes the kids were very quiet as we were getting in the car and Kenton said "Mom that might be the last time we see her." and I said "yes you might be right". Then he said "But, it won't be forever, I will see her in heaven someday and then we will be together forever." Out of the mouth of babes as they say. Who has God put in your life to make your world a little bit brighter and show his love? Thank him and don't take them for granted because time moves quickly and you never know what tomorrow looks like.

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