Wednesday, February 27, 2013

44 part #2

When we arrived home from our over night get away the kids had cleaned the house it was so beautiful. I don't know what is about when my house is clean it makes me sooooo happy!! 
It was nice just to hang out with the kiddos and relax. The next day we went to church and the milkman and the kiddos bought me a birthday cake a day early, because they were predicting snow. And snow it did! I will post those pics tomorrow. It was crazy!

Some of you might have seen my instagram I posted on Monday (my actually birthday I LOVED how everyone let me celebrate all weekend) it was a pic of the tray of food that Kenton and Tiana made me for a yummy breakfast in bed. I felt like a queen. It was amazing birthday. I am so blessed for the awesome family God has given me. My heart was so happy and I'm ready to become another year older.

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