Tuesday, February 26, 2013

44, Part #1

My Birthday was yesterday but the milkman kind of surprised me and took me to the "city" for an over night stay last Friday night. Our friend Kim found an amazing deal and told the milkman about it through Homewood Suites.  The Suite was AWESOME!! I about died when I saw our suite number. If you know me at all, you know that my favorite number is 25 and my birthday is 2/25 so I thought it was perfect that this was our suite number!
The milkman took us to a yummy restaurant

complete with the most delicious desserts. Chocolate Brownie ice cream cake and one of my all time favorites…..
Bread Pudding! I will tell you that we DID NOT eat them all in one setting :)

It had snowed so much and it was 4 degrees when we woke up in the next morning. Burrr! It was so nice to get away. The milkman hadn't had a day off since Christmas and he was starting to get a little worn out. It was also so nice to visit and not be interrupted 10 times while we were trying to finish a sentence! Thank you kiddos, Kim, Scottie and Kaylei for picking up the slack around the farm so that we could  get away for the night!

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