Thursday, June 28, 2012

Love the Free!!

So anybody that knows me knows that I LOVE the coupons and when I can get coupons that makes something free well I love that even more!! This week at our local grocery store they had these oreo cups 10 for 10. I found coupons on ebay for 50 cents off of one which my store doubles up to a dollar which made all 30 of them for free!!!!! I don't know about you but in the summer the kids love the snacks!! You should have seen how excited they were when I brought these home because I never usually get the "good stuff"!! 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fun in the Sun

What do you do with a bunch of kids and its really really hot?? Go to the water park of course!! Aren't they a motley crew?? Cindy came up with a great plan of going to the water park! So smart! Grandma watched Kyler because it was going to be a long day and that way I could actually enjoy some fun in the sun!! It was wonderful!!

 As everyone knows when you swim you get really really hungry and for some reason kids seem to never fill up but as seasoned moms we came prepared! Lots of snacks!! Yum-O!!

 It was a great day to hang out with friends staying cool, somewhat and relaxing by the pool! Great idea Cindy!!! We had a blast!! 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Final Rest

Yesterday, I posted about a new life in the family, people always talk about that. But, what they usually don't talk about to often is their death or passing which is just as important. Yesterday, I attended my 3rd family funeral since the first week of May. When I was younger I would attend a funeral and not think much about it after it was over. But, now I'm starting to see a glimmer of a light at the end of my tunnel and it really gets me to thinking about what are they going to say about me someday. Will they say more about me then just the nice things? Will they know that I usually failed everyday in someway in either my relationship with God, my family, or my friends. That no matter what I did I was never good enough!! That somehow in the mist of all the crazy that we call life did someone see Jesus in me even with all my faults?

 In our small community one of the traditions that takes place at the burial service is they do just that they bury a person. After the pastor has completed his grave side service the funeral staff lowers the casket into the ground and disassembles the equipment that holds the casket in place. After everything is cleared away a member of the funeral home will come and close the lid to the cement vault that holds the casket. Everytime that cement lid goes down no matter how slow they try to lay it, it always makes a resounding thump that says thats it, thats the end, its finished. It gets me everytime!
 Then the men of that family member begin filling the hole with the dirt until it is filled in. When I was first married and saw this tradition I thought it was so different, strange almost, but when you see the love on these men's faces as they lay to rest one of their own you get it. What I love the absolute most about a funeral where the person loved Jesus and was a light in this dark world for Him. Is that the filling of that hole will not be the last time you will see them. That if you have trusted Jesus as your personal Savior the final thump is not the end, but the beginning of living forever with the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. I'm so thankful that I have this hope!! I'm so thankful that all my sins are forgiven because I fail every single day!!! I'm so thankful that I have a Heavenly Father that loves me no matter what and when they lay me to rest I know without a doubt that I will be in heaven with my family members that have have gone on before me but most of all I will be standing in the presence of my heavenly Father. And He will welcome me home.

Monday, June 25, 2012

A New Little One

This weekend I had the privilege of cheering on our niece Melissa as she delivered the first great Grandchild making me a Great Aunt (doesn't that sound old?). She did an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G job!!! She did it without any drugs and didn't push for very long. For a first time mom she kept it all together and delivered at 6 pound 18 1/2 inch long baby boy whom she named Garris Leland. I was so proud of her!!!! Congrats Melissa!! As the nurses put it you were a rock star!!!
 I LOVE little tiny baby feet!! So so precious!!
 My sister- in- law Marilyn became a Grandmother just like that. I think she looks way to young! Don't you? 
 No matter how many babies I have assisted with it never gets old. Seeing a baby come into the world realizing again the awesome power our God!! It was truly a blessing. Thank you so much Melissa for letting be part of yours and Garris' day. Love you and congratulations!!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Kenton's Update

So I realize that I haven't giving ya'll an update on Kenton and his heels since the accident. Pitiful, I know!! We went back this week to the ortho doctor and he said he was cleared and can resume all activities except for jumping off of large round hay bales! What Kenton ended up having was called major tendinitis where at first it can present with pain that can feel like you have broken something. The ER doctor originally said that he had broken both heels but the ortho dr. said that what they thought was a break was actually the growth plate line. Personally I think and believe that it was a miracle of healing! And are so grateful and blessed that Kenton does not have to be in a wheelchair all summer. Thank you to all of you for lifting us up in your prayers and thank you Dr. Craig for being an awesome doctor. I hope you all have a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Red and White

Did you know that most holstein calves are born black and white? But, every now and then you get a red one. They are my favorite because they are so different. Earlier in the week we had the sweetest little calf born. She was perfect!! The milkman is so excited because they are so rare and one was born on our farm. The other calf in the pen with her is her full sister. See the difference! Love it!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


2 years ago today Kyler was born! I can't believe it has been 2 years but most amazingly I can't believe how far God has brought her. She had aspirated meconium in her lungs. It was so bad that we were told at the NICU that it did not look good and to be prepared for the worst. I remember standing there in disbelief. I remember leaning down to her little body with all the tubes and machines hooked up to her and telling her to "Fight because we needed her." There were so many prayers that went up, so many people came along beside us for the next 13 days. The first 6 days she was on a ventilator and we were not even able to hold her in our arms. That was so hard. Praise God that in His mighty power did allowed her to be healed and we were so grateful to celebrate her 2nd birthday with the family this weekend.
 I often ask her if she remembers me telling her to not leave us to fight never really expecting an answer but the other day I asked her again and she said "Yes" like of course I remember!! I don't know if she really does but we know. We remember and are so grateful and blessed to have her with us. When I think back on that hard time in our lives I still can't believe how amazing all of our family and friends were. How much everyone stepped up and help out by encouraging us, visiting us, the gifts great and small and just so so SO much love. Happy Birthday Kyler we love you so much and are thankful to God for the joy you bring to our lives everyday!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

The Theater

How often does a milkman's wife get to go out with the ladies to the theater to see a story about a milkman? Not very often if ever! My dear friend Monica was able to get tickets through her work for free so out we went. It is so nice to have friends in high places :)
 Of course we had to start the night off with a little dinner in the "old town" part of the city. We ate at this yummy latin restaurant. The food was so delicious!!

 I got the salmon spinach salad and a couple of the ladies ordered the salmon tacos everything was so yummy! 

But of course being the sugar freak that I am dessert is always my favorite part of the meal and let me just say it did not disappoint!! De-lish to say the very least!! It was so fun to share and try the different ones.

 The show was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!! I love this musical!! It was such a great evening! It is always fun to get dressed up and spend some time with the girls! Thanks so much Monica for inviting me I'm so grateful for the invite and for your friendship.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Father's Day Grill

The milkman has always been good at guessing what I get him for a gift. It is one of the things that drives me crazy because I can never surprise him. This year I have been saving back money so that I could get him a grill for his birthday/Father's day. Not knowing, he picked one up! I couldn't believe it!! I said to him I can NEVER get a gift for you. I told him I had been saving for a while now to get him one and he said "well you can pay for it!" Isn't he precious!! The kids especially Taryn and Kenton love to grill anytime they get a chance which means I don't have to think about a meal as often Love that!! I hope you have a great Father's day weekend. May it be a relaxing time and you get to hang out with the Father's in your life.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Craft Time

How many of ya'll out there think that you are crafty since the "Pinterest" was born? It's ok you can admit it, this is a safe space!! My friend Cindy came over the other night to play "Martha Stewart" with me. The men took the kiddos to the rodeo so we had some mama time!! (can I get a amen?)
 I saw on Pinterest how to make a cupcake display using old china. I picked these up at the Goodwill. I tried to make them coordinate in colors. It was really simple to make and fun to do. You just need make sure you get a glue that will adhere to glass.

Needless to say we had a great time while making these! Of course who wouldn't girl talk and crafts come on!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

T and M Reception

Tyler and Maddijo's reception was like something you see in one of those bride magazines. They had thought of so many little touches. Things the average milkman's wife would have never imagined! It was in a word perfection!!! For instance this little seating area that was sat up, so shabby chic!!

The way you found out which table you were seated at was by these cards that were hanging with cute little wooden clothes pins. And each table had a unique cowboy/country name so you would be able to find your seat. We were the "Searchers"

While you were waiting for the dinner to begin there were all kinds of things to snack on. Below you will see the s'more station that was set up. There was also all kinds of snack foods like bugle chips and chex mix. Of course their was lots of drinks even a slushy machine with 2 flavors for the kiddos. Told you they thought of everything!!!

Have you ever seen a chocolate fountian with 2 flavors? Strawberry white chocolate and chocolate chocolate. Amazing!!!
Is this not the cutiest groom's cake you have every seen???? In fact the milkman didn't believe me that it was a cake but after a close inspection he believe me!! It was so cool!!
Of course the bride's cake was so beautiful and soooo yummy!! Delish to say the least!!

This was what the wedding party's table looked like. Have I told you how I LOVED all of the little touches! I told Tammy the bride's mother I know who I will be calling someday to help with my 4 girls weddings. They did an awesome job!

The flip flops below were in the ladies bathroom. They had every size just in case you wore heels or uncomfortable shoes and needed something better to dance in! Then they were yours as an extra souvenir from the wedding.

Around 10pm the night sky was lit up like a christmas tree with a beautiful display of fireworks! After that the dance began and then at midnight a buffet was rolled out just in case you were hungry! I told you they thought of everything!!
Just in case you didn't have enough fun and entertainment as a parting gift on your way home they gave each family/guest a swag bag with goodies which consisted of a wooden coloring book and wooden crayons if you had kids in your family and stone coasters as a thank you gift for coming! A thank you gift for us are you kidding me??? We are just so thankful to have been invited to the wedding of the century! Congrats you two we are so excited for you as you start your new lives together!!