Thursday, May 31, 2012

Full Swing

Harvest is in full swing! It is always so fun to see all of the combines in the fields. The milkman was able to get one full day cut and then it rained!! It stopped harvest for the moment but we don't mind we needed the rain so badly!! And I loved seeing and smelling the rain coming in last night. Its one of my favorite smells in all the world. The weather this morning is so fresh and clean Love it!!

 I brought the milkman and Owen (our amazing hired help) lunch out in the field. They stopped long enough to grab it from me and let me snap a picture. Thanks guys for working so hard.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

It's Time

It's time, the wheat is ready, the combine has been cleaned and went through everything is a green light! Let harvest begin!! What does that mean exactly? It means alot of late nights, alot of food that can be made to pack into coolers that can be transported to all the different fields. It also means that I become a single mom for a little while. Thats ok its all for a good cause!!! The wheat looks good this year and after last year we need a good crop that is for sure. So let the cutting begin!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bad Idea

So to kick off the holiday weekend we invited some friends and their kids over for some supper and farm fun. Well…….after supper while the adults were visiting in the house the kids decided to run around on the farm. We could hear them playing outside and I was so thankful that they were having a great time. I knew that they were playing on the big round hay bales but I didn't know that they had made up a game where you run the length of 3 hay bales jump over the person squatting down at the end of the last bale and sail through the air to see who could land the farthest out. Kenton said as he was flying through the air this probably wasn't the greatest idea. After he landed he said he just sat there for a little while and then got up. Needless to say no one else wanted to try it so he said he guessed he won!  He and Kenzie came into the house and decided to play a board game and then about an hour after the big jump he hobbled into the living room sat down started shaking, turned pale and said his couldn't walk anymore. We still didn't know anything had happened and then he told us what they had done. He started crying and I knew he wasn't right. The milkman loaded him in the car and I took him to the ER. There we found out he had broken both of his heel bones and he will be in a wheelchair for most of the summer. He was devastated to say the very least. If anyone knows Kenton he is outside from sun up to sun down except to eat he is rarely in the house. There has been ALOT of tears but I keep telling him we will find some fun things to do this summer that we can do inside. Tomorrow we will go to the ortho doctor to get the hard cast put on. We have had such an outpouring of love for Kenton already. Thank you!! Please continue to pray for him, that he will learn to be content inside and that he will find and use what God is trying to teach him this summer.
 I also want to say that the day before he wanted me to give him his summer haircut which is usually just a buzz cut but this year his wanted to have a mohawk for a day or two just for fun so I cut it like that. Let me just say that I have shaved his hair all over now evenly, so he doesn't look like a wild one! And I kept telling everyone at the ER his hair isn't usually like this! Pitiful!!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Dance Please

So, way back in the fall Tiana started asking me if I would PLEASE get her into hip-hop dance class. I told her I wasn't sure what dance studio had that particular dance class. She wouldn't let it go. She asked all the time and since I wasn't finding out fast enough she started writing notes and leaving them all over the house. I'm not kidding you there were notes EVERYWHERE!! Finally, in January I found a class and she started. She loves it and does a great job! So, this last week we had her recital it was held in the "big city" the milkman even got his chores done early so we could all attend.

She even had some friends come and cheer her on. Her teacher came to the "big city" just for her. Thank you Mrs. McAdams that meant the world to her. Kenzie thank you to you and your family for coming also and the flowers you gave her were beautiful!! Great job Tiana!! We are so proud of you you did a great job!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Farm Accident

Kenton was helping his dad and Owen out with some pipe moving for the farm when one of the pipes came down and landed on his shoulder. The milkman thought at first he had broken his collar bone he was in so much pain that we thought it was best we take him in to see the doctor. At first they thought his shoulder was broken but then the x-ray showed it wasn't. He just has to have it in a sling for a few days. Thank goodness. He does have a deep bruise. We are just so thankful that it wasn't worse than that. We put him in the car so fast that we forgot his shoes. Pitiful!! He was so embarrassed I felt so bad. I wasn't worried about his feet I was worried about his poor shoulder. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Last Day!

In our house we have this tradition that on the last day of school we eat ice cream, candy and drink pop!! What???? Put the phone down SRS isn't even in the office yet :) We only do it on the last day. I figure the kiddos are already hyper and excited so why not!! Actually, around here we have been having last days of school since last Tuesday so we have had ALOT of junk laying around the house. Not, good for my hip!!! Kenton was finished with school a week ago yesterday, Taryn was finished last Wednesday, Natalia on Thursday and finally today Tiana will be all done. It is finally officially summer  vacation starting at noon. Bring it on!! I hope you all have a great break!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Last Tour

Yesterday was a very busy day. We had our last big school tour of the season. Around 50 kiddos came to the farm. It is so fun to watch "city" kiddos and how they are always so amazed by everything!
 The kiddos were divided up into 3 groups. One group went with Kenton to the chicken house where he told them about his job and the care of the chickens.

 Jonie James the county soil conservationist came and talked to the kids about soil and how to take of it. She had a game that they played to help them understand these points.

 The milkman gave instruction to Taryn and Kim about what to do during their group.

 Owen let the kiddos feed the baby calves with a bottle. They thought that was so cool!!
 Of course we finish every tour with what else but chocolate cookies and fresh milk. Yum-O!! Thanks Sunset for finishing out our tour season with a great group of kids. We enjoyed our time with ya'll!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Summer Begins

It is a very crazy Monday more about that tomorrow but for now I thought I would kick off your summer with a little strawberry shortcake. Sorry about the short post. I hope you had a great weekend!

Friday, May 18, 2012

8th grade promotion

Taryn's 8th grade promotion was held last night. She looked so grown up! I know that they are suppose to grow up and they do grow up but so fast REALLY!!!

 She was so excited!! Her class is a really good one. It's a big class, there are more boys then girls in fact it almost 2 to 1. Everyone should have a date come banquet time!!
 She has some of the greatest friends! I love them! And her favorite teacher Mrs. Wuthrich is such a blessing to the whole class!

 Taryn has gotten so tall that she towers over her Aunties above. They weren't very happy about that.
 After the promotion ceremony, we along with some of the other mothers hosted a party for them up in the hay loft. It was so much fun. Everyone brought some yummy food! My favorite was the cream puffs! Delish!!

 We ate and played many games and in order to work off all of those calories we just ate, we cranked up the music and did some line aerobics! The kids had a blast! 

 One of the moms took pictures of the kids throughout the year and made copies that she hung on twine with little wooden clothes pins in different places in the barn. Afterwards the kids could take the ones that they wanted as a little party favor. Great idea Jennifer! It was a great night although I'm so tired this morning and I'm so so SO thankful for coffee lots and lots of coffee. Congrats class of 2016. Hang on to your high school years and enjoy every minute because it will fly by so fast!!