Monday, April 30, 2012

My Legacy

Last Sunday my last remaining Grandparent went home to be with Jesus.  It has been a whirlwind of a week. It is amazing to me how one decision you make in your life can and will affect the way your life plays out. For example my Pa-paw came from a divorced family where not alot of love was shown. He could have been a bitter man, a man that followed in the wrong footsteps but instead he blazed his own trail and became not only a man of God but we will never know how many lives he affected with his decision to follow after God's own heart.  He met my Me-maw when they were in high school and were married just a few short weeks after graduation and were married almost 60 years!!!

 They had both accepted Jesus as their personal Saviour after they were married. Then proceeded to show the world what Jesus looks like by being an example of how to show God's love to others.

 God blessed them with 2 daughters and a son whom they took half way around the world to South Africa to tell others about Jesus.
 Here we are at Christmas (well most of us) we are a huge group and when we all get together it gets really loud and crazy. We aren't perfect, but the legacy that came from two people falling in love, loving Jesus and following after God's heart is something I'm very grateful and am blessed beyound words for. They are DEEPLY missed but I'm so thankful that I have the hope that we will be together again in heaven. And that is the best Legacy a girl could ever ask for!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Tea Party

Tiana had a couple of friends over the other night to play. She wanted to do a tea party for them. I said that would be fine I had to go out to the barn to do a few things which took about 30 minutes. I kid you not from the time I was gone until I walked in, she had turned the back deck into a beautiful tea room I couldn't believe my eyes. Complete with the lighting and center pieces and a salad bar. Unbelievable!!

 She bought all of the candy for the center pieces and put them in a mason jar. I was very impressed!

She even let her little sister play which I thought was precious. They kept calling her Miss Plum. It was cracking me up. I was worried that it wouldn't get picked up and put away like I wanted but they did an awesome job. Thanks Tiana for hosting such a great Tea Party for your friends.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Jr. Sr. Banquet

This last Saturday night Berean had their Jr. Sr. Banquet up in the hay loft.
 The theme was "Candyland" at first I have to admit I didn't think that was going to look right but it was AMAZING!! Great job Juniors!!!

I LOVED the Candy bar. I loved how they took paper square plates and used them as a back drop. So very clever!! I was amazed!!

 These were some of the Sophomores guys that helped serve the meal.
 They thought of everything! They had some of the dads valet park the cars.

 My girls and their friend Lizzy wanted to see everyone getting out of their cars so they sat up on the garage where they wouldn't be noticed and watched.

 I love this picture below!  The cows and the cars all lined up in a row!!!
Thanks Juniors for thinking of us for your big night! I hope you all made some great memories!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

19 years ago

I can't believe it has been 19 years we look like babies!!
              Can you tell what Era we were in??

                      I remember on the day thinking I can't wait to start 
                my life with this amazing man!! Marriage isn't easy 
               but I'm so very thankful to have a husband that puts
               up with all my crazy quirks and loves me no matter 
                      We went to Jamaica for our honeymoon do you just love the outfit and big earrings? Super cute!!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Carnival

I have been really bad about posting this week I know. But, I have been so busy with this……..the school's carnival. I am just posting some pics of us getting it ready for now.Everyone did an awesome job. The High School art class did all of the painting of the store fronts.
Everyone pitched in to bring yummy baked goods for the cake walk.I thought this was awesome whoever came up with this design for the snack bar. Super cute!These were all of the sponsors that helped make everything possible. I also had the privilege to sing so that was an added bonus because I don't get much of chance to do that anymore!Guess which booth was my station? The cow milking booth of course!! Getting ready for the carnival was ALOT of hard work but we had such a great time and the kids LOVED it! Great job ladies you really know how to put on a great show!! I'm so enjoyed the time I was able to spend with you.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Game Night

Once in awhile we try to play games as a family. So on Sunday night we pulled out the Yahtzee game and had a blast!
The kids were really good about letting Kyler help them roll and Tiana even let her draw on her game card.
Natalia played but in between her turn she did her homework. So studious!!One of the things we do on Sunday nights for supper is chef choice. I always make a big bowl of popcorn and then what ever food you can make you can have. Except for the baby which we always make sure she has something besides popcorn (put down the phone you don't need to call SRS!!) We love to eat our popcorn with shredded cheese over the top YUM!! What a fun evening! There is something about friendly competition to get the family going!!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Opening Season

Opening Season you say, what???? Ok opening season for my kind of hunting!! Garage Sale season!! In our neck of the woods we have city wide garage sales which is awesome because you can park your car and walk to all these different sales. It is fabulous!! So, on friday my sister Alicia, I and 3 kids loaded up and headed to find some bargains! She really scored!! I found some clothes for me which never happens so I was excited about that!Alicia has been looking for an exercise bike for awhile now on craiglist. But, at the 4th garage she found one and it worked perfectly and they only wanted only $10.00!! She had a budget of $100.00 I told her "she made money today." The crazy thing was that we went to another sale later on we found the exact same bike but they wanted $150.00! Craziness!!The kids had fun looking at all the toys and my nephew even found some clothes for the next season. They did really good about leaving the toys there, well……almost Kyler might have come home with another baby or two!!! Pitiful!Finally we stopped for a lunch break at sonic. We were so hungry and tired but it was well worth it.Did I mention we were tired?? Some of us more then others. Kyler all of the sudden hit a wall and that was that! But, she fell asleep on the way home and was much happier when she woke up.Here are our treasures, the car was loaded!These were a couple of new shoes that Ky and I bought I love buying shoes for a quarter! All in all we had a great day! A couple of time it might have gotten crazy with 3 kids but we managed and we found some great deals and made some amazing memories!