Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Morning Routine

Thank you so much for all your thoughts and prayers yesterday we should find out in a day or two the results of mom's MRI I will keep you posted.

I just wanted to show you what I have been trying to do lately after I get the older kids off to school. I have to admit it is SO much easier to eat a Krispy Kreme doughnut or drink an white chocolate mocha from Starbucks but then again if I didn't do any of that I wouldn't have to do this!!  But, I feel SO much better after, plus it gives Kyler and I a chance to sing and see the great outdoors. Have a great day!

Monday, August 29, 2011

A Blanket of prayer

Today I'm asking for a blanket of prayer for my mom, she hasn't been feeling the best lately and her doctor has done a series of tests. She has been told that she might have Parkinson's disease. Today she is having a MRI to prayerfully and hopefully rule that out. I'm just asking if you would join me in blanketing her with prayers for 1. that God's will be done in all things 2. that she will have peace no matter what God has in store for her and our family. Thank you in advance I'm so grateful to all of you.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Out with the old in with the new

Our kitchen aid finally died! I have had it for about 8 years, my mom picked it up at a garage sale for $60.00 so I would say that I definitely got our money out of it. After using it in the store to make cupcakes and of course churn the butter it died. It was a sad day until.............
The milkman bought me a new one!! YEAH!! Isn't she a beaut!! She is so much bigger and I had so much fun making cupcakes and butter this last week! We got a great deal on it! Kohl's was having a sale, I had a coupon (of course) and I received Kohl's cash back! SHOOT!! that means I have to go shopping again BONUS!! Thank you milkman, I hope you all have a chance to stop in and see her sometime! Happy Monday! Have a great week!!

Friday, August 26, 2011

An answered prayer

Kenton came home from school the other day and said "Mom can you please pray that my chickens will start laying eggs?" I said "Of course, but  don't be bummed because it soon happen soon." He is realizing that he needs to get some income coming in to help pay for the feed.  A little while later he comes flying in  yelling "LOOK!" "LOOK!" and he holds up two eggs. He said "I guess God answers prayers fast!" I said "Not always that fast but He does answer our prayers." So, soon we will have eggs for sale in the store. I'm so thankful we have a God that cares about the smallest details of our lives and is alive and well to answer them.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A special ride

I'm so thankful that we live so close to the milkman's folks. The kids are able to have all kinds of time with them. Grandma is always so helpful with the baby and she always does such fun things with the kids when they come to visit. She has taught them how to sew, crochet, garden and cook. I am so thankful for her and her sweet, patience spirit. I found Kyler and her out taking a morning walk yesterday. I am so grateful for her!!
Later in the morning Kyler fell and got a boo boo so she received her first band-aid she was so proud. What is it about Band-aids and kids? My kids always LOVED getting band-aids even if they didn't have any boo-boos. I hope today you have a great day and don't have any reason to get a band-aid!!! :)

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to my littlest sister!! I'm so thankful you are in my life. I love having someone I can laugh with, cry with, and of course be silly with. You are not only my friend but my sweet fun lovin sister! I hope you have a super great day and a very blessed year! I love you so much!!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Glamour Girl

Tiana turned the space under the staircase into a beauty salon then she came and found me and said "Mom can I play salon on you?" I said "Sure of course!" So, for the next 30 minutes she helped me find my groove!! :) When we were done I have to admit I felt like I just step out of high school in the 80's of course!! We had a great time!!It was something to comb all that "big hair" out!! Thanks Tiana for helping me find my inner 80's child! I missed her :) Kyler had to get involved as well she needs to grow a little more hair!!!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Girls Night Out

On Friday night some of my peeps and I went to see the movie "The Help" it was fabulous!!!!! It was a late night for some of us mothers I think I arrived home at around midnight (I thought I was going to turn into a pumpkin). After the movie we went to Applebee's for some appetizers and dessert they were delish!!!  Thanks ladies for taking time out of your business lives to let your hair down and have a little fun! I love some good ole sister bonding time! But, next time we are going to have to get there earlier so Vera Mae and I don't have to be on seat patrol all by ourselves! HA HA!!  Have a great week ladies and lets do it again real soon!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Retail Therapy

Since, the kids all went back to school that just leaves Kyler and I so, of course you are never to young to learn the joys of retail therapy. I think she might have it down already! I hope you all get a chance to have a little retail therapy of your own this weekend.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Play Date

So, since all of the kiddos went back to school I can actually drink a whole cup of coffee in peace so I thought I would invite my good friend Donya to come down and also partake!! She of course brought my future son in law Carson. Do you not just LOVE those gorgeous eyes!! It was so nice for Kyler to have someone to play with because for the first half hour after everyone left she kept walking around like she was lost with no one here but mom. Thanks Carson for playing with Ky and thanks Donya for taking time out of your busy life for some great convo and coffee!!

School Days Part 2

Well, the last 3 kiddos started school today! We have a tradition on the first day of school I usually make cinnamon rolls but me and Mrs. Rhode's Rolls took care of that this morning.Taryn is going into the 8th gradeNatalia is a freshman... WHAT???? I remember this day!! Kenton starts the 6th gradeAnd then they walked away and that was it! Summer is officially over! Its a day of mixed emotions excitement for me I get to drink a whole cup of coffee in peace and quiet!! But, sad because that means we only have them for a few more years and then they will be gone! Craziness! How time flies!!I put this picture in because it totally depicts how it was taking these pictures! This picture makes me laugh out loud!! This picture says it all! I hope you all have a great school year and I hope you all survive your teenager's  years.

Monday, August 15, 2011

First Day

Tiana started school yesterday. A 5th grader!! She couldn't get to sleep very well the night before because she was so nervous and excited. In fact, I made pancakes and she could only eat 2 bites. Pitiful!!She was so excited that her best friend since 1st grade Olivia was in her class!!She was so excited about her new shoes I wonder if they will help her run really fast! Do you remember when you use to think that way? She was also so excited and happy about getting Mrs. Klaassen for her teacher she had prayed and hoped for that all summer.Kyler was saying "Ha Ha" sister you have to go to school and I get to sleep in (well if that was only true) she hardly ever sleeps in. Have a great year Tiana I'm so proud of you and what a beautiful young lady you are becoming! I love you!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Theatre!

We received 4 free tickets to see The Little Mermaid this weekend. So, Natalia, I, Tiana and her best friend Mallory went along. Of course we had to eat first!
The production was AWESOME! I have never been to a Broadway Musical in New York City but this had to be a close second!! It was soooooo good! LOVED IT! and the girls did also. What a nice way to close out the summer!!The girls were worn out by the time we got home but it was so worth it!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Some Silliness

Kyler's sisters decided it was dress up the baby day! How many bows can you get in her hair?  So funny!!We think this a great new look. We found the little muck boots in Ohio while we were there, they are a little bit big on her but that doesn't matter to her she still loves to wear them around! So funny! Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Some good help

Oh, to be young again!! Natalia had one of her friends Hannah spend the night last night and they never went to sleep! So, at 3:45AM when the milkman's and mine alarm went off they wanted to come and help separate the milk from the cream and help start the cheese curds. They were really great help.......BUT, the funny thing was that after about an hour of working they thought they needed to go to bed!! PITIFUL!! Thanks girls really for your help, it helped my early morning go by fast and it was fun to talk to my almost freshman daughter. I still can't believe it, she is growing up way to fast!!!


Yes!! Finally the rain came down!!! What a great way to wake up!! I love to hear the thunder! And it is only suppose to be 85 degrees today! So excited!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The County Fair

We have good friends that showed their goats at the county fair, so we went to support the boys. Kenton was such a good brother showed Kyler around to keep her busy in between showings. What a good big brother and Kyler loves him so much!

This is how I feel most days before I get my coffee!!!Luke did a good job in fact, in the show ring he gave me a big ole smile!!Seth and his dad Doug. Seth's goat won first place in his division. It was fun to spend time with Doug, Robyn and the boys even if it was just for a little while. Good job boys!! Ya'll did great!