Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treaters

Before we moved back to the home place last year we lived in the middle of no where. Just to put into perspective the closest Wal-mart was about 30 min. away!! Our closest neighbor was about 1 mile away. So, besides not ever having Christmas lights up on the house (because, I mean really who would see them) we never had trick or treaters. So, imagine my surprise when the door bell rang last night and I saw the Law at our door!! They were our one and only kids to come a knockin. My daughter was so excited that she went and got candy out of her own bag to share because again I didn't think about being back in civilization, that there might be trick or treaters!! Thanks so much Stephanie for thinking of us and bringing your cutiest to our house!!

Trick or Treat

In the little town close to were we live they do this thing every year called Treat or Trick Main Street. Its where some of the businesses pass out candy to the kids. I like it because you can get alot of candy and you don't have to run all over town going door to door. The older kids thought they were to old to dress up so, the two little ones and I went. For some reason though the older kids thought they could eat some of the candy Pitiful!! (We were happy to share there was alot)The princess and the cupcake

Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Good Book

I love how the milkman, even tho he has been up since 4AM still finds a moment to take time to spent with his kids. If it is helping with homework, watching a favorite TV show with the kids or like here reading a book. I'm so thankful to have a husband that works so hard and yet finds time to help with the little things.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

After School Activities

On a farm everyone helps out! When school is out everyone disperses to their different chores so that we can work together as a team to get everything done. Natalia helps take care of Kyler while I go around and help where ever I can.Kenton helps with feeding the cowsTiana helps the milkman with the milkingTaryn helps with milking as well but, she also helps feed. Who says girls can't drive tractors!!I'm so proud of our kids!! I love how we all work as a family to get everything done!

Our Musician

Our little Kyler loves to get up on the piano bench and play and play. I wonder if that is how Mozart started??? Tiana took these pictures I thought she did a great job!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Girl's Weekend Part 2

Well, what do you do on a girl's weekend you ask?? Well, there was ALOT of starbucks, shopping (I think we spent 6 hours in the mall it was awesome!), we ate alot of yummy food!! And of course we talked and talked and laughed until you would cry! It was so much fun!! If you have a mom, sisters, aunts, cousins or some besties I would highly recommend figuring out a weekend of your own. It makes for some great memories!!

My mom and Aunt Susie so cute!!Did we eat all of the cheese cake??? You better believe it baby!!Mom and ran to "The Vintage Pearl" it was so awesome!! I pick up a gift for my daughter's birthday present next month. I will show you that in a couple of weeks.  Thanks milkman and kiddos for holding down the fort so that momma could get away for some grown-up girl time!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Dinner With Friends

This last weekend we had a girl's weekend in Tulsa. I will show you pics of that tomorrow. On the first night my friend Tischa invited us over for some yummy supper! She is an awesome cook!! We had grilled chicken, veggies, a delish salad and rolls. Also, one of our high school classmates who was driving through Tulsa came for supper. It was so good to see Joe its been such a long time.  We had such a great time laughing and remembering all the silliness from high school including some really funny pictures. We thought we looked so cool back then!! Once, again thank you Tischa for making us all feel at home and for such a lovely evening. I'm so thankful for your friendship! And Joe its time to get out of the city and come out to the country for a little R & R. 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thank You

The milkman as I have said before gets up everyday at 3:45AM by the time most people are getting to their jobs the milkman is just finishing up his milking and morning chores. Then he sometimes grabs a quick bite to eat for breakfast, grabs his packed lunch and if it is planting or harvest time he will sit in the tractor for the duration of the day. Well, until it is time to milk again  which is 4PM in the afternoon. So, if you are eating anything or drinking anything this morning (I know you have that coffee in your hands right now!) Thank a farmer!!Its amazing to me how this ground of soil can go from this to prayerfully a great crop! What the milkman planted this day was wheat to be harvested next summer. I love the picture below because it shows the silhouette of not only the milkman but also our son as he is showing the next generation how to work, raise a crop and the love of being a farmer!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fall Tour #2

Yesterday, we had our second field trip group. It was a group of about 50 with kids, parents, grandparents and teachers. It is always fun to see how the kids respond to how big the cows are. Like I said yesterday we always serve milk and cookies for a snack. A couple of the teachers who don't usually like milk decided to take a little shot of ours and they both said it was really good!! Yeah! We might have just won them over. Some of our customers kids call it "milk candy" because it taste so sweet.This picture above cracks me up!! Such Hams!!I love this picture simply for the fact how at this age, kids lose their teeth so cute!!The milkman is showing the kids what the milkers feel like. We also taught them if you were milking a cow by hand how you would do that, top to bottom. If you had a kiddo here yesterday ask them how they will show you!!I think one of the teachers wanted to take a pet home!!  I also had the coffee pot on because they had been at the pumpkin patch first and it was really cold out and the moms needed some warming up and of course we put REAL cream in the coffee. We had a great time we always enjoy giving tours. Thanks so much for setting this up Mrs. Hall.


Do you remember the commercial a few years ago TV where a man's alarm goes off and he said "Time to make the doughnuts"? Well, thats how I felt this morning when my alarm went off at 4:45AM. Time to make the cookies!! We are having a school tour this afternoon which I love and we always give them milk and cookies as a snack. My day is a little busy so I thought I would get up early and get them done. Its kind of peaceful to bake when the outside world is still sleeping! Well, most of the world,  the milkman had already worked an hour before I got out to the barn. He is amazing!! If you know of a school, homeschool group or any other group that would like to tour a farm and see where milk comes from, let me know, we are always glad to have you!!

Monday, October 17, 2011


One of my very dearest friends from high school came up to visit this weekend. She is the kind of friend that you don't have to talk to every day to pick up right where you left off. She called me earlier in the month and said hey I was wanting to come up and visit, by myself without kids just for a little break! I said "Ummm you do know I have five kids right?" She said yeah!!  She wanted to come and relax and study she will finish up her RN degree in December. I'm so proud of her! Of course we had a blast like only two old friends would!! She can crack me up so fast! I LOVE that kind of laughter!!
She didn't relax to much she helped Kenton gather eggs and decided to cook supper one night. It was amazing!!! She is a great cook, an awesome friend, a wonderful mother and an adoring wife. I love her honesty and the way she will let you know what she is thinking, you never have to guess whats on her mind or how she is feeling LOVE THAT!! I'm thankful that I have her in my life. Thanks Tischa Fisha for hanging with us! I'm glad you had a great weekend we did too! Love ya! Come back again and bring the family next time!!