Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Newest Member

Our newest niece was born yesterday, Phil and Alicia had a beautiful little girl that they named Millie Emma (Millie is after our Me-maw Mildred our mom's mom and Emma after our dad's mom Grandma Walker.) She is perfect and Alicia did amazing!! She arrived at the hospital at around 9:10AM, I got there around 9:25 and Millie decided to made her debut at 10:20 Alicia didn't mess around that was for sure. She weighed 6 lbs. 11 oz. and is 19 inches long. She brings the number of Grandkids up to 27!! You should come to Christmas with all of us, Craziness!!!! I have always said "We are a reality show waiting to happen!!! Congrats and so excited for you all, especially Payton who is so excited to finally be a big brother. We love you!!

Fall Field Trip

We had a group come earlier in the week, it was a great group, the kids were so well behaved and did a good job at participating.Our barn was built in the 1930's and we had everyone go up into the hay loft so that they could see all that was going on since we were getting ready for the wedding reception on Saturday. The milkman was explaining how the arches were made way back then.One of the kiddos thought this calf  loved  her and loved having her suck on her fingers.Milk and chocolate cookies are always served on our field trips the kids ate and ate I don't know how much lunch the mothers had to serve them. Below, the milkman was showing the kids what the milkers feel like.This momma just had had a baby a few hours before the tour showed up I was so hoping that she would hold off until they were here but one of the other mothers said "That might have opened up another whole line of questions" So true, So true!
Our littlest tourist was so cute and perfect you didn't even hear a peep from her, I think dairy farming is in her future.

We had a great time thanks so much for spending the morning on the farm, come again soon your kiddos were wonderful!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Some more

Well, we planted everything and realized we didn't get everything we needed, of course! So, on Sunday afternoon we went back to get some more. I know we wore a few of us out (especially the milkman he is not a big shopper.)  And for future reference if you ever need to contain a 1 year old while you are shopping just find a large clean trash can that you are going to buy and put her in! She thought it was a game and we could keep track of her. (now before you call SRS she was only in there long enough to take these pics.We bough so many bags of mulch

And if your a teenager and aren't thinking shopping at Lowe's "FUN" then what do you do? You find an empty shelf and take a power nap!!So, its official everything we bought has been planted it looks great!! We still don't have grass yet, but we have some green around the house.

Monday, September 26, 2011


We have been in the house for almost a year now and at first I was really lets just tell it like it is, I was really ticked that we hadn't planted any grass yet! I mean really I don't know what the milkman has been doing everyday all day long, you would think he was sitting around eating bon-bons or something!! The man works like crazy and sometimes I really don't know how he puts one foot in front of the other!! So,  Kenton and I decided while we were at Lowe's we would get some supplies and help out dad by getting some things done ourselves. So, these are some of our before and after pics of the landscaping we did this last weekend and by the way if we would have planted our grass when I wanted to in the spring, we would have probably lost every single blade of grass because of the hot dry summer we have had. So, instead of being mad I'm so thankful we had to wait.It was a perfect day outside but we became very dirty doing all of the dirt work. Kenton is very picking about how to level everything off. In fact, it took us about 3 hours to get everything straight. At one point I was getting a little antsy about it (because I am a hurry up and get it done, we can straighten the mistakes out later kind of girl) and Kenton could tell that and he said "Mom just go inside and I will call you when I'm ready to plant." Then I felt bad and calmed down we got it done and it looked perfect!Taryn also helped which made everything go a little faster thanks so much Lizzy!!The end result looked amazing! Thank you so much kiddos for all you help, you are the best little workers EVER!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Birthday Date

Kenton, for his birthday wanted 3 things: 1. to go on a date with me (how sweet is that!), 2. to eat at Outback and 3. go to Lowe's. So, Friday after school and the chores were done we set off for the big city. We had the best time!! We spent 2 1/2 hours in Lowe's buying landscaping stuff for the yard I will show you that tomorrow so stay tuned.No he didn't get his dessert first the pictures just loaded that way. He was so happy he LOVES cheesecake!!He wanted ribs and I wanted chicken which worked out perfectly because they had a new meal that had both so we split it! YUM!! We had a blast! Thanks for inviting me on your special big day! I love you my mister man!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tea for Two

One of my favorite things about my day is that when the kids get home from school they love to take Kyler and play with her. I never know exactly what they will come up with. On, this day I was making supper and in walked the two little ones, Tiana had her and Kyler changed into a more suitable outfits for afternoon tea! It was so cute! My Aunt Charmaine (whom Kyler Maine is named after) sent this tea set to her and they made good use of it. It was so precious!! I hope you have a chance to take a breather this weekend and enjoy a little spot of tea.

Mister Man is 12

Today our one and only son came into our lives 12 years ago. I remember it very vividly because from my first contraction to him being born was a matter of about 45 min. in fact the midwife didn't even make it to our home and the milkman delivered him! It was crazy! We were so excited to have a boy!! I can't believe it has been 12 years. Kenton is a great kid. God gave him a special talent of designing and building things he is always amazing us!!! Happy Birthday Son we love you so much!!Kenton is always so good with his sisters, he does a really good job taking care of us girls! Sometimes he gets sad that he doesn't have any brothers and I tell him "I guess you are the one and only best boy for our family, God knew he couldn't do any better" I hope you have a blessed year ahead we love you so much!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I don't know about you but Fall is my all time favorite season!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE sweater weather!! With the temps being so nice and cool this weekend we decided to have a family hot dog roast!! My brother-in-law Alan came looking like he belonged on the farm. I asked his wife, my sister-in-law where were her overalls?David is another one of my brother-in-laws he did a great job of cookin up some yummy hot dogs.We ate in the barn I love when we all get together!!Tiana was warming up and making sure the fire was nice and hot!! The milkman's mom makes the BEST hot chocolate in the world it is incredible and with our fresh whipped cream ohhhhhh baby it was de-lish!!

Hot dogs aren't my favorite because growing up with 11 kids in my family we ate alot of hot dogs especially on Sunday nights before church. But, there is something about cooking one over a fire outside when it cool out that makes them yummy!!

Whats your favorite season and what do you like about it the most?

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Getting Ready

On Saturday the Buesnitz family came to decorate the loft for the wedding reception. When they were finished it looked so beautiful I was amazed! I can't wait to see it all completed with the tables and chairs.
So many boxes of many!!

This family knows how to work, they rock!! They can make an old hay loft look like something out of a movie. Great job you guys!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Child Labor

The other day I was cleaning, I had laid my rag down to do something only to turn around and see Miss Kyler had gotten the rag and started cleaning I couldn't believe it!She cleaned things I never thought of including the shower curtain. She did a really good job for a 1 year old.  So,if you need someone to help you clean give me a call I might have someone I can hire out HA! HA!