Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Rare Day Off

We had Spring Break last week, so the milkman did the chores in the morning and then we left the cows and farm for the afternoon to the hired man and went to the zoo. We wanted to see some other kinds of animals! The weather was perfect! We had a great time!


This is how I feel at the end of most days!! HA! HA!

You know that God has a sense of humor when you see this! I think He was in a really funny mood that day.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cheese Curds

The newest thing on the farm for me to attempt is cheese curds I have made a total of three batches now with one of the batches being a Jalapeno curd. If you have never had cheese curds they are like cheese you snack on, kind of like cheese cubes you find in the store but WAY fresh and the way you know that they are truly fresh is that they squeak when you eat them. Its like a party in your mouth! Stop by for a sample I know you are going to love them!!


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Photo Shoot

This weekend we had a Photo Shoot on the farm not of me or the kiddos or the milkman it was of some of our fancy cows. Did you know that if you have a cow with a special pedigree you need to have them pictured. Did you know that cows how their own photographer? Ours came all the way from Wisconsin, not only that but, she also brought along a fitter (which is a fancy name for a cow stylist). We pictured 6 cows and it took 4 hours. Not only did the cows get a bath, they all got haircuts and brushed and brushed until they shined. Then you have to get the cow to stand just right in order to get just the right picture lets just say it didn't always happen as quickly as we would have liked in fact it took everything in my power  for me not to get cranky!!!!


Taryn and I were in charge of making noise to keep the cows attention and if they needed extra incentive we would give them some grain to chew.

This is Sara she did a great job. Her and Mark (the fitter) really knew how to keep their cool I should maybe take lessons!!
This are some of the tools that were used. Did you know that you can use WD40 to make a cow's hoofs shine, and hairspray just like I use. Craziness!! Lets just say the next time I have a picture taken I hope a team shows up to help me! HA HA!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Field Trip #2

Over the weekend we had a group from Wichita State University come for a tour. We made them Cheese Curds, cupcakes and of course all the milk they could drink. What a great group! Thanks for making the trip up from the "big" city come back again we would love to see you all again.


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Field Trip

My friend Meg Duerksen of the blogging world fame and her friend Chicago Jen and kiddos came over for a field trip to the farm.

The Milkman explaining to Megs all about embryos and milking she said it was very interesting.

Meg takes amazing pictures you have to check out her blog I mean it! It is one of my favorite things. Thanks so much Meg, Chicago Jen and the kiddos for a fun morning!!

Oh, Meg's blog is

Check it out it is so amazing!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cupcakes and Cows

We had our open house yesterday the reason why not many local people knew about it was because it was for the milk producers and embryo buyers coming through the state on the way to the state dairy auction at the fairgrounds in Hutchinson which is going on today. We are a little bit nervous about the sale because we are selling lot number one!! The milkman went over to watch the sale hopefully it will go in our favor.
It was fun having met some new folks and excited for some of the big time guys that came yesterday! Dan really had the place looking beautiful and I think the cows liked it as you can tell they were so relaxed in their stalls! So pretty!
I along with my sister-in-law, mother-in-law, mom, dad, and my sisters worked with the food and keeping baby happy. I had made lots of cupcakes for dessert three kinds mocha chocolate, lemon and coconut cream. YUMO!!
I think it was a success!! What a fun and tiring day!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011


When we first moved over to the new house last fall we were contacted by the county. They said they had a 19 year old that has graduated but they still keep him in the system until his 21.  They have him on a work program where he can learn some life skills. He wanted to work for a farmer and they found us. Long story short we of course were a little nervous about him because he is autistic we just didn't know to what level and if he would be able to know what to do on a farm. Let me just say that we LOVE him!!! He is such a hard worker, never complains always does anything that we ask of him in fact, he has even learned how to milk the cows, he is also such a sweet heart and the kiddos LOVE him especially Kyler she gets so excited when he comes in for lunch. I'm so thankful that Trent has come into our lives, our lives are so much fuller because of his big heart.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Open House

We are getting ready for a open house here on the farm and we are using this picture for the fliers. The milkman has really done an awesome job of making the old barn look so beautiful!!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Birthday

When I was growing my mom Always made our Birthdays a Huge big deal! We didn't have to make our beds that day, we didn't have to do any chores and once in awhile she even let us skip school (Shhh! don't tell anyone) not that I ever wanted to because I wanted everyone to know that it was my big day so I usually went. Fast forward to the good ole married life, being a mom, not such a big deal kind of thing even tho I try to make it a big deal it doesn't always work out that way. Well, this year I was in the hospital with the little one. But, my friends and Dan came to the rescue in fact I probably received more attention because I was there. Friends came to see me I had everything from the cutest mini cakes, flowers, coffee, chocolate, candles, cards, balloons and the Milkman even brought me the yummiest lunch it was such a great day and to top it all off we were able to come home from the hospital. Lets just say this Birthday was one for the books. Thank you so much to my awesome friends you really know how to make what could have been a bummer of a day into something really great! You sure know how to make a girl feel special even if she is one year older!!!